Thompson Street, Clayton

Thompson St is a single detached dwelling located in Clayton, not far from Monash Hospital and University.

The client’s brief was to retain their existing house and build a detached dwelling to the side which would have a minimum impact upon their home. The project became an opportunity to create a modern house to complement the existing dwelling. Within a relatively small footprint there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a feeling of spaciousness throughout. This has been achieved through a combination of different materials and ceiling types and a clever use of space.

The ground floor incorporates the master bedroom and main living areas which feature open joists and raking ceilings. Upstairs, additional bedrooms open onto a large roof terrace above the garage. Multiple outdoor areas accessed off different rooms enforce a strong connection between inside and outside.

The use of warm materials and natural tones throughout the interior create spaces that feel both welcoming and comfortable. On the exterior, contrasting materials and the distinct roof form create a striking identity for the house.