Queensberry Street, North Melbourne

Queensberry Street is a proposed development on a prominent corner of one of the main thoroughfares of North Melbourne. The site has three street frontages. The development comprises eleven townhouses arranged around a shared courtyard. The townhouses are grouped together into three blocks, each one addressing a different street.

The development incorporates a consolidated car park in the middle of the site. Above this is an elevated communal space accessible from all dwellings. This space functions as a gathering space, back yard and secondary frontage for the dwellings.

Variation within the floor plans of the townhouses encourages activation of different levels and the inclusion of multi-purpose spaces allow greater flexibility for individual users.

The facade features varying materials to temper the scale of the buildings. The brickwork base provides a sense of solidity in contrast to the upper levels which are finally detailed. The distinct arched window references the predominant Victorian architecture of the surrounding area. Taken together, the material palette conveys robustness and refinement.


Land Prime