Clarendon Street, Thornbury

Clarendon Street is a proposed development of six townhouses on a corner site in Thornbury. The townhouses are arranged to address both street frontages which enhances the relationship of each dwelling to the street and promotes activation of the ground floor areas.

The development incorporates a consolidated car park to the rear to be accessed off a laneway. Car stackers have been used to reduce the footprint of the car park. This allows for the majority of the ground floor to accommodate living space that is accessible and surrounded by gardens.


The elevations of the building feature pale brickwork alternating with charred timber infills. The upper storey of the building utilises a contrasting colour to mitigate the impact and bulk of this level. The palette combines strong textural and chromatic contrasts to create a facade that is distinctive and cohesive through the use of rhythm and repetition.

This palette draws upon the diverse materials of the surrounding context so that the design appears both contemporary and appropriate. The use of the asymmetrical hipped roof is a further nod to the prevailing architecture of the surrounding area and provides a transition in scale to the single storey dwellings immediately adjacent to the site.


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