Bennetts Lane, Melbourne

Bennetts Lane is a proposed development comprising five apartments and commercial space. The site is a tiny corner lot within the central business district. Abutting a narrow laneway to the west and having street frontage to the south, the site is bounded on two sides by buildings on the boundary.

The development proposes an eight storey building with commercial space on the ground floor. Above this are five generous, multi-level apartments including a penthouse with a rooftop pool. The apartments include double-height spaces and balconies which are expressed on the building’s façade.

The site conditions have dictated that all glazing be located within the two facades with street frontages. These facades form a strong contrast with the walls on boundary. The introduction of black and white banding to the facades delineates individual apartments. In tandem with the detailed design of the glazing, the facades include a multitude of scales which belies the building’s complexity.

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