About Us

Formed in 2012, Pillar+Post is a Melbourne based integrated architecture, town planning and building practice specialising in multi-residential development.

We love seeing good ideas transformed into a building.

Buildings are the end result of an idea coming into contact with a process. The meeting of art and commerce. We take a pure approach to architecture and building, that is to say that architecture must consider building and the other way around.

We believe good architecture is the product of a meaningful collaboration between the client, architect, town planner and builder.

By bringing together the disciplines of architecture, town planning and building into a single practice we simplify the development process and reduce your planning and construction risk.

This collaborative approach simplifies what can be a complex and stressful undertaking.

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We believe high quality and yet affordable medium density housing can be a reality.


Why Pillar+Post


Integrated Knowledge

By bringing together the disciplines of architecture, town planning and building into a single practice we make the development process as easy as possible. Our cross-disciplinary approach means we are well placed to significantly reduce your planning and construction risk


As designers, architects, planners, builders and developers our team has managed the delivery of over 300 buildings across Melbourne over the last 20 years.


End to End Service

We provide a complete end-to-end service from conception through to construction.

A development is an exercise in the control of time and money. Continuity from conception through to completion is a sure way to save time and manage your costs.

A Robust Project Methodology

Our 7-step project methodology brings together all the professional expertise you need to successfully deliver your project to budget. From assessment and feasibility through to design, construction and completion our methodology ensures your project is delivered in a methodical, considered, timely and efficient manner.

Collaborative Delivery Approach

We believe collaboration leads to better development outcomes. We use our network of builders to deliver better development outcomes through early engagement in the process.

This early collaboration gives us meaningful feedback and reliable cost estimates to ensure projects can meet their quality and budget objectives.

We are Developers Too

Some of our team are active property developers too, specialising in townhouse and low rise apartment developments.

We understand the entire development process intimately, are passionate about design and enjoy helping clients leverage our experience for their projects by assisting clients with site search, acquisition, joint venture structuring and project delivery.

Robin Boyd quote

“This often brutal and always mercenary industry, is in fact, involuntarily directed at a remote distance by intellectual and artistic passion beyond its ken.” Robin Boyd


Our Process


Development is a complex discipline that requires a deep understanding of property markets, design, construction, planning, engineering, finance, tax and law. To make the development process as easy as possible we have developed a holistic step-by-step process that ensures projects are delivered efficiently.

1. Assessment

Find out what development potential your property has via a Preliminary Development Assessment.

2. Strategy

If your Preliminary Development Assessment looks promising you can obtain a deeper understanding of your development options and the potential risks and rewards via a Feasibility Study & Strategy. We provide you with all the information you need to confidently make an investment decision.

3. Concept

We develop Concept Plans for your project based on your brief and develop a design response that includes floors plans, elevations and 3D models. In this most critical phase we take the time to leverage the integrated design, planning and building knowledge across the team to deliver a quality design response that we can deliver for your budget.

4. Application

We evolve the Concept Plans into a set of Town Planning Drawings and Town Planning Permit application. We integrate private town planning representation in this phase to manage the lodgement of your application and negotiate with Council, objectors and will provide representation at VCAT if required.


5. Detail

Development of project specification and construction documentation sufficient for pricing and building.

6. Build

We manage builder selection and contract negotiation on your behalf and administer the building contract to ensure your development is delivered on time, within budget and to the agreed level of finish.

7. Realise

To secure a return on investment we can assist in the sale or lease of your realised properties.