Urban Salvage – Recycled Timber

Here at Pillar+Post, the kinds of materials we use in our projects are very important to us. We are passionate about ensuring the best quality products are used so that your home will look and work the best it can be.

One material that features prominently in our work is recycled timber.  It is a classic product, long lasting and looks amazing. Not only that, when timber is repurposed from old uses such as gym floors and old chapels, our old growth forests don’t cop a hammering.

Last Saturday, Christian and I took a trip out to Urban Salvage in Spotswood. Urban Salvage is a small business that are self-confessed timber addicts. If you had to have an addiction, it is not a bad one to have. Their mission is stated as “Best use of timber”.

Urban Salvage -Recycled Timber

When browsing through their warehouse and website you can see the passion and excitement they have towards not only this product, but also our natural environment. The staff at Urban Salvage are qualified carpenters who are very knowledgeable in design and how timber can be incorporated into your home.

Given our shared love of recycled timber, we decided to make the trip out to Spotwood to see first hand what they are about. One thing that was obvious was how their ideals and principles are very similar to ours – building beautiful and functional homes without the pointless excess of waste. We regularly enjoy reading their newsletter – The Drum that you can find on the Urban Salvage website.

One of the friendly staff we met was Andy Mineur. Andy has worked with timber all his life as a journeyman carpenter and a expert in recycled timbers. “Although we sell mostly recycled timbers we do also strongly support Forestry NSW AFS certified native forest products, which are cut form regrowth managed forest sawlog. This is mixed species forestry grown for timber as opposed to farm forestry which is really for woodchip” explained Andy.

Clearly, as forests are so important for not only their beauty but also their functionality, choosing to use recycled timber is an important decision.

Many of our current projects include the use of recycled timber on the interiors and the external façade. We believe this gives a new dwelling more character, particularly if the site needs to blend into the existing streetscape in suburbs like Richmond, South Melbourne or Fairfield.

As you can see in the picture below, this project in Richmond is an example of our love for recycled timber.

Our three-storey apartment house, consisting of three units has used recycled timber on the façade in a very creative way. When selecting materials for the façade, it can sometimes look cold. By putting a natural material like recycled timber in the mix, it suddenly becomes much more warm and inviting. It really helps to tell the story.

If you’d like to check out Urban Salvage, check out their website here http://urbansalvage.com.au or head across to 190A Hall Street, Spotswood, just next to Spotswood Station. Drop the kids off at ScienceWorks and make a day of it!