The Apartment House: small lot specialists

The driving principle of subdivision is simple: take a parcel of land and make more parcels from it. While there are laws, rules and processes to abide by, the subdivision and development of land in established settings offers excellent and rewarding opportunities, usually within the reach of the average property investor. Our Apartment House design solution is a new way to approach an old problem.

Many of our projects involve subdivision in one form or another, ranging from dual occupancy (where a new dwelling is developed behind an existing one) to multi-level apartment buildings. Arising from a shortage of land in well-serviced, high-amenity locations, the process of subdivision is also generating innovative design responses on increasingly difficult sites.

In the search for infill land we are seeing ever smaller allotments being carved out, using land that was, until recently, considered marginal. This might be anything from a couple of disused car spaces to a small backyard fronting a laneway. Employing clever planning and design activates such sites and increases housing supply in places where people want to live. The Apartment House design solution may be right for your next development.

Subdivision Melbourne

Subdivision also responds to the diverse housing requirements and demands of changing family structures. Driven by a growing a preference towards proximity to transport and amenities over larger allotments or yards, it is clear that there is an emerging demand for a new typology of housing. In search of a property that is “not-quite-apartment” and “not-quite-townhouse”, buyers are increasingly looking for something more akin to an “apartment house”.

Combining the space and layout of a townhouse with convenience of apartment living, the “apartment house” utilises clever and efficient design features to create a low-maintenance and affordable housing alternative for buyers. Utilising balconies as private open space and incorporating clever design features, land only needs to be large enough for the building footprint (and, if required, car parking).

Weaving between the low-availability of vacant land in well-serviced areas and growing buyer demand for smaller, better-designed and more affordable housing, subdivision should be seriously considered by entrepreneurial property investors.

Before you begin, our Property Development Assessment service can help you identify a site’s development opportunities, and the combined knowledge and experience of our multi-disciplinary team will guide you through the planning, design and build processes, towards better and ultimately more profitable outcomes.


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