The Apartment House – Part Two

A new typology of housing is emerging. As discussed in Part One of this article, the demand for more affordable and low maintenance housing in established high amenity locations has shifted the focus of buyers towards ‘Apartment House style living. This offers purchasers the convenience of apartment living, while maintaining the amenity and lifestyle of townhouse-style dwellings.

A recent project undertaken by Pillar+Post illustrates how a successful balance between the two housing types can be achieved. At three storeys high and featuring one dwelling per level, an Apartment House development in inner city Richmond offers a suburban scale living within close proximity to public transport, local retail and the Melbourne CBD.

The clever manipulation of form and the conscientious organisation of internal accommodation integrate contemporary design principles with functional living spaces. The setback of the development from site boundaries allows natural light from all aspects, a feature maximised by our designers with generous provisions of secluded private open spaces.

The early engagement of town planning experts and an open dialogue with architectural designers has resulted in a harmonious balance of strict heritage and planning controls with changing market demands. Representing a new and increasingly appealing mode of living, the Apartment House development exemplifies contemporary housing preferences and the future of urban living.