Subdivision Melbourne

Pillar+Post is a Melbourne based, award winning team of Architectural home designers, town planners and builders that collaborate together from start to finish to deliver custom, site specific subdivisionproperty development & new home services for our clients.

What type of Subdivision are you considering?

Our subdivision services include:

  • Brownfield. Subdividing a site whilst retaining the existing building/s.
  • Infill. Subdividing a site after demolishing the existing building/s.
  • Residential Estate. Multiple units/townhouses on your site.
  • Mixed-Use. Combined Commercial & Residential Subdivisions.
  • Broadacre / Greenfield. Subdividing a vacant site that hasn’t previously been developed.
  • Split Title. Subdividing existing buildings on one title onto their own unique separate titles.

Many of the above Subdivision types can be achieved as:

  • Design-Led Land Subdivision. Subdivided lots are sold/retained vacant with approved Plans and Permits.
  • Complete Design + Build. End-to-end service where Subdivided lots are sold/retained as completed dwellings/buildings.

We have achieved successful Subdivision outcomes for client projects ranging from two lot Dual Occupancy developments to 76 Dwelling Residential Estates.

No matter what type of Subdivision you are considering – we can help.

What our Clients are saying…

Just a brief message to say that it has been a pleasure to have had you working on my  Town Planning application, and would highly recommend you to other prospective clients who would appreciate being well informed throughout the whole process, which is very confusing and has a lot of conflicting information given to confuse matters further.”

Dual Occupancy Development: Yarra Council