Subdividing Land: Are you being served? Part III

The past two articles have outlined easily overlooked areas when subdividing land:

This week we’ll conclude our service connections theme with perhaps the third most overlooked aspect of servicing your new land allotment/s.


Subdividing Land: Are you being served? Part III

You don’t need to be in the building industry to have heard the saying:

“Crap doesn’t flow uphill”. (Excuse our French!)

The irony is that the saying has become so well known that its literal application is often forgotten.

Many a developer has realised at the last minute, typically when services and foundations are being laid, that the location of the sewer is uphill from the toilet!

An uphill sewer means additional expenses in the form of:

  • Sewerage pump/s or other mechanical aid
  • Potential changes to site/subdivision plans to inform plumbers of the change/s
  • Potential further on-site excavation/rework to accomodate the new pump/s

The above is also true of any other water services.

Subdividing Land: Servicing Conclusion

  • Crap doesn’t flow uphill – literally!
  • Incorporate service heights & gravity into your service plans from the start.