Stacey Surveying – Feature and Level Survey

Feature & Level Survey

Here is an example of a Feature & Level Survey from our Land Surveyor – Ash Stacey.

As you can see, the detail and quality of Ash’s work is incredible. This allows our Architects and Town Planners to accurately assess the site and surrounds, creating a design response that is sensitive to surrounding landowners.

Ash’s prices are consistently lower than other surveyors, but the quality and attention to detail is the best I’ve seen. Our Architects love working with Ash’s surveys.

As a developer, I recommend you build a strong team of knowledgeable consultants for small-lot development sites. There are too many horror stories of developers cutting corners or choosing to use the cheapest shyster in the market.

I’m proud of our developing relationship as we continue to work closely to deliver quality services to our valued clients.

We highly recommend you contact Ash on 0400 531 138 or check out his website at


Stacey Surveying - Feature and Level Survey

Stacey Surveying – Feature and Level Survey