Property development through a joint venture

So you are interested in property development but don’t have either the knowledge, skills, time or money to do it yourself.

What are your options?

Well you could wait and accumulate the skills, time and money to do it by yourself, or you could look to invite others to combine and form a team to make it happen.

Having being faced with these questions myself in the past, I decided to try and form a team and put a joint venture project together.

While I had many of the skills and to a lesser extent time on my side, I certainty didn’t have the money to do a project by myself.

If you’ve ever thought about doing a property development with other people, whatever your reason, then this article “Property development through a joint venture” that I wrote for Your Investment Property magazine, may help you with some ideas about how you can put a joint venture development together.

The article chronicles how I put together my second joint venture property development. A four townhouse project in the inner northern Melbourne suburb of Northcote.

It details all the steps we undertook over 8 months to find the right partners and find the right site to get our project off the ground…

Tim Riley is the founder of Property Collectives. Property Collectives helps people invest in & develop property together by sharing their money, time, skills and knowledge. To find out more visit