Strettle Street, Thornbury


Strettle Street is a proposed development of six townhouses. The site has an elevated position near the top of McComas Hill with unimpeded views to the south of the central business district.

Each townhouse comprises ground floor living areas adjacent to secluded north-facing courtyards. The first floor contains three generous bedrooms. Each townhouse includes a roof terrace which affords views to the south. The terraces are screened behind the roof line, providing privacy to neighbours and minimising the visual impact of this additional level.

The development utilises pitched roofs and extensive areas of brickwork in keeping with the prevailing character of the surrounding context. Brickwork patterning adds visual interest to the design, along with finely detailed timber screens to the north and south of each townhouse. The townhouse to the front of the site includes a single storey element and courtyard, providing a transition to the scale of the existing streetscape.


Property Collectives
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