Glover House, Canberra

This house has been nominated for a 2015 HIA Award. The project involved substantial alterations and additions to a small single storey, post-war house in inner-suburban Canberra. The extent of work to be done to the existing house and the siting of additions were largely dictated by the constraints of the project budget and planning controls.

The existing brick house has been wrapped in weatherboards and a single remnant of brickwork to the street elevation remains.

The existing gable roof was removed and replaced with a flat roof that includes a ‘green roof’ to the north of the new first floor addition. The first floor comprises living and entertaining areas and is clad externally in sheet metal. The result is a clear delineation of volumes through the use of complementary materials and textures.

Existing landscaping elements including established plantings, courtyard walls and decks were retained and incorporated into the design.