Land Subdividing

Land subdividing is an essential part of broadacre, greenfield and infill property development and refers to the process of breaking down one large land allotment into two or more smaller land allotments – each on their own separate title.

Land subdividing can be a profitable form of property development in its own right – or could form part of a larger end-to-end design + build development.

Subdividing land in Victoria falls under Clause 56 of the Victorian State Planning Policy and requires a separate Subdivision Permit Application over and above any Town Planning Permit Application for your project.

A qualified Land Surveyor is an essential team member in any project that involves land subdividing.

How to Subdivide Land

Land subdividing typically involves the following steps:

  • Preparation of a Site Establishment Survey of existing conditions
  • Preparation of a Proposed Plan of Subdivision
  • Subdivision permit application (including existing and proposed subdivision plans) lodged at the Responsible Authority (typically the respective council)
  • Receiving of Subdivision permit (typically with conditions attached)
  • On site work to facilitate land subdividing eg. boundary pegging, provision of infrastructure & services, crossovers etc.
  • Payment of any contributions, headworks and/or open space fees and levies.
  • Council inspection of on site subdivision to ensure it is pegged/built as per the permit and associated conditions.
  • Statements of Compliance from any Referral Authorities (eg. gas, electricity, water and sewerage providers).
  • Preparation of a Surveyor’s report from your Land Surveyor
  • Receiving of a Statement of Compliance from the Responsible Authority
  • Receiving of Certified Plan of Subdivision from the Responsible Authority (assuming they are satisfied with all on site subdivisional works)
  • Preparation of the Heavy Weight subdivision plans by your Land Surveyor based on the Certified Plan of Subdivision from the Responsible Authority
  • Lodgment of Heavy Weight subdivision plans at the Titles Office
  • Receiving of a Certificate of Title for each subdivided land allotment


Remember, that if your intention is to sell, you cannot do so without the issuing of Titles from the Titles Office. Also be aware that the entire subdivision process can take as much as 12 weeks so this must be factored into your planning and project budget.

Even with the steps outlined above, every subdivision is different and inevitably will present its own unique challenges and timelines.

Useful references:

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  • Victorian Department of Sustainability and the Environment: Titles Office
  • Landata: purchase a Title and Property Certificate online
  • Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria: Find a Land Surveyor online
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