Start Your Development Now, Build Your Car Park Later – Consider Deferred Parking?

What is deferred parking?

Deferred parking is the process of delaying the construction of car parking (usually only a portion of the total on-site supply) associated with a new or change of use development to a later date (if ever required) by Planning Permit.


When should the deferred car parking be constructed?

The requirement to construct deferred car parking is usually based on predetermined trigger points identified within the Planning Permit or upon notification from the Responsible Authority.


What Planning Permit Conditions could the Responsible Authority impose?

Conditions imposed by the Responsible Authority will vary between municipalities and localities; however, it would not be unreasonable to expect something similar (but not limited to) the following:

– Areas identified for future parking must be retained.

– The property must not be developed in a manner that would prohibit the areas identified for future parking from being introduced.

– Upon notice from the Responsible Authority, areas identified for future parking must be expanded.


Do Responsible Authorities have to consider deferred parking?

Responsible Authorities are under no obligation to consider deferred parking. Some may consider deferred parking in specific locations for specific developments and some may not consider deferred parking at all.


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