Car Parking Ratios in Melbourne

In a move to encourage more sustainable modes of transport, and better support State urban consolidation policies, new planning guidelines announced by Planning Minister Matthew Guy will reduce minimum car parking provisions in Melbourne’s activity centres. With the minimum requirement for a two-bedroom apartment cut from two to one, the parking reforms are likely to have a number of positive planning outcomes.

Changes to parking levels at activity centres will create more walkable environments by encouraging more consolidated and better-located development. Areas with high level of amenity, including excellent provisions of public transport, local shops and a number of community facilities, will be better able to support this amendment.

We support a rate of one car space per dwelling in Activity Centres, and recent infill and laneway projects undertaken by our planning team illustrate how good development outcomes may still be achieved. Taking advantage of excellent inner city locations, a proposal in Richmond has one car parking space for three apartments and a development in Bennetts Lane will be proposed with no on-site parking.

These changes to the planning scheme to improve upon Clause 52.06 have already made a difference to our design approach. As the new regulations take effect we can see many opportunities for our development sites.

This has allowed the developments to focus on providing higher levels of private open space and better internal accommodation. By allowing fewer car spaces, opportunities for innovation and the better use of space are created.